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Kenyan Startup Invests in empowering Women & Girls through training in STEM

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Technological gaps will keep on growing between developed and developing countries as long as new approaches are not adopted in the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in  training institutions. In line with this, the  Miss.Africa Program initiative sets the bar high by training female trainees in mobile coding program to better their future in the male dominated IT sector. The trainees are able to get life skills mentoring, experience-sharing with STEM experts, Coding skills, and industry exposure. The girls trained usually have many positive comments at the end of each event on the change of perception in Stem careers. This initiative which emphasizes on the importance of technology in enhancing collaboration in future is among the many voices find

Kenyan University takes lead in innovation, to make Kenya tech hub

In Kenya, innovation and entrepreneurship are intertwined. Nairobi has become the tech hub of Africa, a niche that could be worth more than a billion dollars in the next few years. The ICT sector aswell is set to contribute up to 8% of the country’s GDP by 2017, according to the Kenya ICT Authority’s ICT Masterplan. Daily Nation reports that Kenya will soon be a technological hub following University of Nairobi’s move to support development of new innovations. The chancellor has identified specific projects and programmes that are aligned to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Further, the university has also started the Bicycle Sharing initiative that will transform urban mobility and reduce over-reliance on motorised transport. The university has a 10-years-trategic plan on in

Public libraries to become centres of technology in Kenya

The need to share and transfer information in Kenya is not new. Kenya’s network of 61 public libraries is set to assume an additional role as centres of technology innovation, a concept adopted from Silicon Valley in California. To enable libraries in Kenya to change public perceptions, and to advocate for provision of technology, Libraries and information centers in Kenya have evolved to a level where they are now sharing and transfering information on-line. Serious efforts are being made to get libraries and information centers around the country to sit together and strategize on a cooperative program to accomplish this goal. Kenyan Culture Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario said there has been a massive growth of the world wide web, and mobile telephony greatly eroded Kenya National Libra

Silicon Valley tech executives conduct social experiment in Kenya

The integration of technology into everyday life is continually on the rise. As technology continues to replace human employees, questions over the possibility of unemployment and how people will maintain some sort of income and livelihood are becoming ever more relevant. Faced with tackling this problem, executives of technology businesses in Silicon Valley are using Kenya as a testing ground for possible solutions to this problem. The village these executives selected represents an extreme situation of poverty. Even compared to the rest of Kenya, the village of Aswan Abagi is poor. The village faces a host of difficulties that contribute to its continued state of poverty. The charity GiveDirectly will begin giving people in 200 villages free sums of money, no strings attached. The char...
Lenovo launches new Moto Z smartphone in Kenyan market

Lenovo launches new Moto Z smartphone in Kenyan market

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Motorolla has been going through a transition from being bought by Google and later being sold to Lenovo. Lenovo, through its Motorola Mobility subsidiary, has launched the Moto Z smartphone along with the new innovation Moto Mods in Kenya. The Moto Mods allows users a wide range of functionalities on their Moto Z smartphone. Moto Z is an aluminium phone that has stainless steel frame outline cramped into one of the thinnest bodies on a phone so far, 5.19mm to be precise. Despite the super slim dimensions, Moto Z comes with cutting edge features which includes a 5.5 inch Quad HD AMOLED screen which shares the same resolution and display technology as the Samsung Galaxy S7. Powering the beautiful screen is the Snapdragon 820 coupled with 4GB RAM and a choice of between 32GB and 64GB i...