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Alibaba throws billions at figuring out how to turn mobile into money

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Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba may have dominated online retail on personal computers, but is some way from replicating that leadership in shopping by smartphone and other mobile devices. Reports ITWeb Alibaba, which is heading towards a bumper New York IPO later this year, is throwing billions of dollars at figuring out how to thrive as half a billion people, 80% of China's 618 million Internet users, go online via mobile. The Hangzhou-based firm said last month that mobile has become an increasing source of transactions, now accounting for more than a quarter of the value of goods sold across its online marketplaces. But Alibaba's shift to wireless commerce is a double-edged sword: mobile commerce brings in significantly less revenue than traditional e-commerce. The quick-hit
Qatar Airways’ customers to pay for flight tickets via M-Pesa

Qatar Airways’ customers to pay for flight tickets via M-Pesa

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Qatar Airways passengers can now pay for tickets using M-Pesa after the airline entered into a partnership with Safaricom. Reports Business Daily Africa Qatar Airways country manager, Sami Debbiche, said that the new payment solution has been introduced to give passengers a flexible payment method. “The partnership will enable our passengers book tickets at any given time through the use of their mobile phones,” said Mr Debbiche. The deal allows Qatar's customers make online bookings or through the reservations office and pay through M-Pesa. “We are proud to be associated with Qatar Airways. Our goal is to remain relevant to market needs and this is the reason why M-Pesa is constantly seeking strategic partnerships aimed at meeting our customers

Kenya and 8 other Sub-Saharan countries in Africa boast of more mobile money accounts than bank accounts

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Reports by IPC Weekly Datashots - Highlights which speak to the incredible growth which is happening in Africa today, as well as the potential for future growth. As of June 2013, 98 million (48%) of the 203 million registered mobile money accounts globally were in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) - East Africa holding the lion's share of SSA’s total and accounting for 34% of the global total. In addition, 9 African countries including Kenya, Tanzania and Cameroon have more mobile money accounts than bank accounts - championing financial inclusion by providing financial services to more people than traditional banks have been able to reach. As of the end of 2013, there were 219 mobile money services globally (233 as of April 2014) and SSA is home to 52% of them. At the top of mobile money pro

New mobile payment solution to drive cashless transactions in Uganda

You can now use your mobile phone to pay for your goods and services at specific points of sale, thanks to a new mobile payment solution that seeks to boost cashless transactions in the country. Riding on the success of the mobile money platform, Imara Mobile has introduced a card-based mobile payment solution that enables mobile money users to pay for goods and services at supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, fuel stations, among others. Speaking in Kampala yesterday, the company’s general manager, Mr Albert Aguta, said although mobile money service providers have a provision where subscribers can pay for goods and services directly from their mobile money accounts, the culture is yet to pick up, with most people using the platform only for sending and receiving money. “We want to

SA mobile money flop prompts new models

Local industry players are looking to other models for mobile money transfer solutions, amid the failure of these to take off in SA - in stark contrast to other African countries where the same services have thrived. Most notably, M-Pesa - launched as a partnership between SA’s first mobile operator Vodacom and then big four bank Nedbank, in August 2010, has struggled to gain traction and currently has only a few hundred-thousand users in SA. The service has been held back by legislation and the integration needed to move money from a bank account to an electronic wallet. On the contrary, Tanzania and Kenya - as well as the Middle East’s Afghanistan - have seen massive uptake of the same service, gaining more than 10 million customers, while SA is still sitting on a few hundred-thous