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.Africa IRP Panel decision over-rules unfairness in #ICANN bylaws that prevents panel from questioning ICANN Witnesses

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According to a recent update on the .Africa IRP that involves DotConnectAfrica Vs ICANN, the IRP Panel has demanded that all witnesses that are linked to the case must be available to answer the Viva Voce questions during the in-person hearing slated for May. Find more from the detailed coverage below ICANN Must Produce Witnesses, insists DCA vs ICANN .africa Tribunal ICANN wants the .africa Tribunal to Accept Witness Statement on Face value! A new update has emerged from the ICDR-led Independent Review Process (IRP) International Tribunal that is tasked with deciding the legal dispute between DotConnectAfrica Trust and ICANN over the .Africa new gTLD name string. Tribunal’s clarification to key procedural matters on the IRP hearing The latest interim declaration is related to IRP procedu

Expansion of New Top Level Domains Would Go Better At A Slower Pace

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As contributed by Roger Kay  on Forbes. So, I’ve already said it once this year: more than 12 months after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opened up the Web domain space to a potentially infinite number of new names, the greatest expansion has been in confusion. Once upon a time there were only 22 generic top-level domains (sometimes called gTLDs, Internet domains, Web domains, or just domains ) with type suffixes like .com, .net, .mil, and .gov, and geographic suffixes like .uk, .ru, and .jp. Now there are close to 500 — with potentially 900 more to come in the next few months. After an initial flurry of apparent enthusiasm — a certain amount of defensive purchasing of adjacent name spaces (e.g., Apple AAPL -2.61% nailing down .mac, Amazon.com AMZN -
The Mpesa appeal with .africa gTLD for the unbanked!

The Mpesa appeal with .africa gTLD for the unbanked!

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With the dynamic influence in which the digital technology is growing, its clear that the world is heading to the mobile platform. History of tech trends shows that people and organizations and consequently manufacturer of tech –consumer products have fast moved from stationery PC’s to the portables, this were mostly laptops. With the recent exiting move to the mobile platform, tablets and phablets (a hybrid of phone and tablet) laptops are being quickly ditched for light hand held devices. App developers across the platforms that include HTML 5, Android, BlackBerry and IOS are increasingly developing apps that are used by the hand held devices. In Africa its reported that it’s the largest user of the mobile platform, Opera which is the owner of the opera browser recently gave a State