Taxi-hailing apps increase competition in transport

Taxi-hailing apps such as Uber and Bolt, formerly Taxify, are now part of the daily lives of people living in cities such as Nairobi. Also, a rising number of major town has homegrown taxi-hailing services.

Such technological advances that were unimaginable few years back continue to revolutionize logistics, steamrolling over traditional methods of operations.

Mobile-supported applications have now shifted to truck and bus hailing services.

Apart from the innovators, the main beneficiaries of this transformation are consumers who are not only enjoying sharp reduction in transport and commuter costs, but a high level of convenience. All they need to do is just press a button on their smartphones at the comfort of their living room and their travel or logistics needs are fulfilled.

The bus hailing apps have increased competition in the respective sectors, cutting fares and haulage fees by almost 50 percent. This disruptive trend in transport is expected to gather steam as more players jostle for a share of the innovation pie.

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