Tech Giant to bring robots to your home of the future

LG has unveiled a handful of robot helpers that clearly go well beyond vacuums. The tech giant is designing robotic gadgets as home automation technology continues to grow and as demand from consumers to apply the power of robotics to meet their daily household needs to minimize the effort and time that goes into daily chores.

The Marketing Director says robots, gadgets, and interactive devices will be found throughout homes carrying out a number of tasks from turning lights on and off to feeding and caring for pets and plants in the near future unlike the present where people viewed them merely as machines capable of performing automated work.

A number of home appliances have been smartened up in the recent times including refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners among others. That notwithstanding, consumers have not been able to fully reap the benefits of this smart technology owing to competing systems.

The reality is that one of the biggest challenge has been how to bring together devices from multiple smart home ecosystems and making the Internet of Things (IoT) more accessible to the average consumer.

The LG Home-Bot Square is another innovation that ushers in a whole new era of smart cleaning. It is equipped with advanced deep learning technology that makes it learn to recognize upcoming obstacles and instantly adjust its path. It square design allows for efficient corner cleaning. The cleaner has a feature that enables it to monitor the home while the owner is away. If the unit senses any movement, its integrated cameras automatically take photos of the room and send them to the homeowner’s smartphone.

LG also has a lawn mowing robot that rounds out the cleaning process by taking control of the homeowner’s yard. The futuristic robot is capable of accurately trimming any type of grass, maximizing its cutting performance as it adjusts its speed to approaching obastacles.

With the Hom-Bot Square and the lawn Mowing Robot, consumers are guaranteed effective and effortless cleaning throughout the entire home.



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