Technological initiatives prove Africa can catalyze Innovation

Africa has become the hub for innovation and digital communication.

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It is a continent that is rapidly embracing technology and with the highest record of internet penetration in the world. Many bodies have taken the initiatives of teaching the young generation and the whole population at large about ICT which has began to make a difference.

Several African countries are on the lead with technological initiatives to push digital advancement in the continent.

Rwanda’s has embraced technology at the primary school and university level through its One Laptop Per Child program and partnered with Carnegie Mellon University, creating a Kigali campus offering advanced degree programs in computer science and IT. The country is rolling out its 4G LTE program nationwide and is the highest ranked African country on the Alliance for Affordable Internet’s Affordability Index.

On the other end, Kenya and Rwanda’s formation of ICT authorities and Africa’s emerging technology movement have prompted other countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania, to flesh out more defined national technology strategies.

Researches have indicated that 66% of the world’s mobile phone subscription are in developing nations with the highest growth rate in Africa where 1 in 3 people own a mobile phone.

The Africa technological initiatives have shown more limelight in the digital capability of Africa, strengthening the struggle for more technological innovations in the continent.

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