Technology can create new pathways for inclusive growth in Africa

The “Africa Rising” narrative is increasingly giving way to that of “Aspiring Africa”. Enhanced by Technology is the idea that economic growth in Africa must come with equitable opportunities for all participants, with benefits enjoyed by every section of society.

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As Africa develops, it is pivotal to ensure that the currently underserved majority feels the benefits.

Africa’s mobile revolution has offered entrepreneurs an opportunity unlike any other to disseminate products and services that can contribute to inclusive growth on the continent. It enables digital innovation that allows African entrepreneurs and developers to leapfrog technologies, creating access to previously unavailable services for the majority.

According to Disrupt Africa, Africa is seeing the same technological innovations that are emerging in developed countries. However, these innovations are used in a unique manner.

In Africa, technology is not replacing or assisting existing infrastructure; it is creating the infrastructure where there is none. Brick-and-mortar clinics, schools and grid-powered electricity are not in place across vast swathes of the continent. And they will not reach every rural village or urban slum in the future. Instead, these services will be provided more and more through innovative mobile technologies, reducing the need for expensive physical infrastructure.

These innovations are changing the lives of the average African byte by byte, day by day. As the majority of Africans enter the digital economy, technology innovations are playing a pivotal role in creating the inclusive growth story that is changing the face of the continent.




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