Technology is key to Africa’s future

Africa is a continent full of  innovation and creativity. Technology itself in the continent  is helping to break down the barriers for development.

Technology is improving people’s lives

In relation to this, Africa’s embrace of technology turns two common assumptions inside out – that tech breakthroughs happen in rich countries, and that Africa needs basic services before it can use high-tech solutions.

According to Africa Progress platform, what Africa’s start-ups are doing is using technology to build basic services – and a whole lot more. Technology is improving people’s lives – especially mobile services and applications. With minimal fixed line phone infrastructure, the continent has embraced the opportunity to leapfrog existing technologies, becoming a world leader in the delivery of such services.

The mobile technology being developed by Africans for Africans and beyond have helped millions get ahead, by providing accessible information on market prices, weather, health and even good farming practice. In Sierra Leone, fishing communities have used a combination of mobile phones and GPS-enabled cameras to report on foreign fishing boats stealing from their waters.

Technology could also help to bring down another barrier to progress in Africa. East Asian countries successfully converted their domestic savings into investment, facilitating their transformations to middle-income countries. But Africa has so far largely failed in this respect.

Technology has been key to many of Africa’s most exciting developments in recent

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