Thomson Reuters’ Eikon Mobile App Launches in Africa

Thomson Reuters has announced the launch of the Thomson Reuters Eikon mobile app to give their customers in Africa access and instant connection to financial analysis. According to the company, the Eikon mobile app will have the same comprehensive financial analysis as the desktop version but with greater agility.

“The World Bank and technology giants report that Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region with the highest growth rate in mobile subscriptions globally and as the company at the forefront of innovation and customer centricity, Thomson Reuters has launched the Eikon mobile app continuing to lead digital trends and meet customer needs,” said Euvin Naidoo, head of Financial Institutions for Africa at Thomson Reuters.

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Thomson Reuters Eikon provides easy access to trusted news, data, and analytics, all filtered by relevance to a customer’s exact needs, and displayed in a highly visual way that is easy to grasp and act on.

“From the intuitive Eikon mobile app, Thomson Reuters customers can now instantly connect to new and emerging markets, deep and varied pools of liquidity, professional networks and expert support – anywhere, anytime. This will enable our customers to get first hand comprehensive financial analysis, through which they’ll discover more opportunities and be able to make crucial decisions with confidence,” Naidoo adds.

According to research from Thomson Reuters, 62% of all digital media time is spent on mobile devices and 90% of that digital time is spent on apps.

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