You Tube launches a new desk top site

You tube has revamped a redesign of its desktop site, which now takes advantage of Google’s design language, Material Design, to make the site cleaner, simpler and more consistent with the YouTube app across devices. The site will also include a handful of new features, including a new dark mode, tweaks to search and channel pages, and an updated theater mode for watching videos in a larger player without going full-screen.

Users interested in the preview could briefly sign up for it on a special web page Tuesday, but YouTube quickly closed the sign-up after reaching an undisclosed threshold. The Google-owned video site promised to invite additional users in the coming weeks, and plans to eventually make the new look available to all users.

In addition to a night mode, which replaces the white website background with a black theme that’s less jarring when used in low-light situations, the new YouTube also uses a somewhat cleaner design. Two separate menus are being merged into one, and individual menu items are spaced more generously, giving the whole site a lighter look and feel.

But one of the biggest changes may be under the hood: YouTube now uses Polymer, a new scripting technology that’s meant to simplify web development. The result could be that YouTube might be able to change up its site more easily in the future.

The company cautions the new YouTube is still a work in progress, and there will be a cap of some sort on how many people will be able to opt into the new experience.



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