Twiga Foods emerge as Winners at CIO100 Awards

Twiga Foods is a mobile-based supply platform for Africa’s retail outlets, kiosks, and market stalls. The company is using a mobile-based, cashless, business-to-business (B2B) supply platform to access distribution into the millions of small and medium-sized vendors in African urban markets.

Twiga Foods, were the sole winners of the Plus One Award at the regional CIO100 Awards and Symposium. They won the award, in light of their spearheading efforts to digitize and ease up the entire sourcing, purchase and delivery process.

Since 2014, Twiga Foods have been at the forefront of bridging gaps in the food market, this was through the development of a cutting edge platform, designed to create an efficient, fair and transparent market place. With over 17,000 farmers, and over 8,000 vendors, Twiga foods sources quality fresh and processed food, putting it through their digital platform, which then allows for a convenient and instant payment procedure,. The digital platform and logistics network links retailers with farmers and food manufacturers, presenting a convenient and reliable alternative to the current inefficient and expensive farm/factory-to-market processes.

Twiga operates a mobile-based, cashless platform to aggregate urban retail demand, offering thousands of small and medium-sized vendors convenient one-stop shop ordering. Retailers have access to lower-cost, higher-quality fresh produce and processed food, conveniently and reliably delivered to their doorstep within 18 hours of ordering.  As a result, farmers and food manufacturers have guaranteed access to a fairly priced, transparent marketplace.


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