Twitter app becoming slicker with new features

Twitter has been adding new features which allow users greater control over their Twitter account.

The application now has new features that better its usage. Its now possible for users to Mute offensive posts and people on the platform. This new feature allows users to mute any words, phrases, usernames or hashtags from their timeline for a given time period (between 24 hours to 30 days) or forever. Users can also choose to not receive notifications for posts by people they are not following. 

The invention of the lite app is another positive feature for users. The Twitter Lite is  more data-friendly for mobile users. offers a scaled down user interface with limited elements in comparison to the native Twitter app. So you can watch and upload photos and videos in your timeline, send direct messages, but can’t access features such as photo editing and live streaming. Its biggest advantage is that its pages load faster. It has a data saver mode which can reduce data usage by almost 70%. 

While the option to protect your Twitter account with built-in two-factor authentication is already there, you can now use third-party two-factor authentication apps such as Google Authenticator to secure your account. This adds another layer of security and is meant for users who are already using these apps to secure their Google or other accounts.


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