Twitter Introduces a New Default Profile Photo

Twitter has unveiled a “gender-neutral” default profile picture in order to be inclusive and reduce trolling.

The social media platform changed the default profile photo shown for users who don’t choose to upload a profile when they first sign up. The Twitter egg, used since 2010, has been replaced by a human silhouette. The white egg on a brightly coloured background started off life as a cute reference to the idea that the users are birds who hatch when they choose a profile picture, then start tweeting.

The grey-on-grey image will, the social media giant hopes, change the connotation which is now tightly connected to the default egg image – that of the abusive troll.

The reason for this change according to Twitter, last year they refreshed their brand, with a new look and feel highlighting the diversity and expressiveness of the people around the world who make up the Twitter community, in all its color and vibrancy.

Earlier this year, the social media platform introduced a new filtering function so users can block tweets who have the default profile photo, which is still available despite the change.

Hopefully this will make the platform a more inclusive, less toxic place.




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