Twitter makes an Instagram account, after five years of fighting

For most of its life, Instagram has seen Twitter as a frenemy.

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Early in its life, the companies and their founders were so close that Twitter attempted to buy the photo-sharing service. However the move wasn’t successful as Facebook swooped in to buy Instagram for a then-shocking $1 billion. A few months later, Twitter blocked  Instagram from using its API to find your Twitter friends on Instagram. Shortly thereafter,photo-sharing service platform disabled its integration with Twitter, preventing photos from showing up in the feed.

Five years on, The verge reports that Twitter started an Instagram account this week, using the photo-sharing service to promote itself as a destination for breaking news and important conversations.

The account, which launched Friday with little fanfare from Twitter, is the latest plank of a marketing campaign launched in October with billboards and digital ads. The move is notable in part because of the companies’ long, complicated history, which saw them nearly combine early in Instagram’s life, only to have their relationship fray after Facebook stole it away.

It also highlights how Twitter is seeking new avenues to promote itself in the face of slow growth in its core user base. photo-sharing service platform continued to use twitter as a marketing channel, regularly posting popular photos and news about the app to an impressive 40 million followers.

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