Twitter monetizes Periscope to capture brands

twitter-money-dollar-sign-cash-ss-1920Twitter has announced an official platform for its Amplify program, its ad service that works with content creators and brands to share live content. With video being so prevalent in our online interactions, and all brands taking notice, Twitter is giving itself and brands an opportunity to capitalize on the money that was sitting on the table by announcing a monetization program for its live content.

The partnership launches with a US Open broadcast featuring Andy Roddick, who has teamed up with Grey Goose and Chase to engage live with his audience on Periscope and Twitter, using @andyroddick’s Twitter account and promoted tweets from launch partners.

The monetization element will include ads from these partners, but the live stream will not be interrupted with ads. These are merely preroll ads to enhance the experience and give brands the opportunity to make a little cash while capturing the attention of their followers.

With the option to embed broadcasts across websites, one does not need to be online and engaged on Twitter at the time of the live broadcast. This way, the monetization component can outlast the length of the broadcast, making it a worthwhile pursuit for those with a sizable audience to make extra cash and to encourage them to stay active on the platform.

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