Twitter Now Allows You To Retweet Yourself


If you thought Twitter is for the vain, then it has just got vainer. An update that was announced last month took effect yesterday allowing Twitter users to Retweet and Quote themselves.

This has raised mixed reactions with some people rushing to retweet their favorite tweets from a long time ago while others claim that the move would ruin Twitter. There is a limit to this goodness however as Twitter only allows you to retweet yourself only once. Some people felt that being able to edit tweets is a much needed update and should have come first.

Here are some reactions to the new update.

Twitter has also updated its block feature, which stops blocked users from seeing a person’s tweets and prevents tweets from the blocked user showing up in the blocker’s timeline.Previously, if a third person would retweet either user, the other person would be able to see it, but the updated block feature closes that loophole.

What do you think of this new feature?

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