Twitter tests a feature that warns users of profiles with ‘potentially sensitive content’

Twitter ’s efforts to combat trolling and offensive content may soon be expanded to cover entire accounts.

The social media platform confirmed it’s testing a new feature that flags users’ profiles as potentially including “sensitive content.” When you click on one of these profiles from a link on Twitter, or if you visit the profile’s web page directly, you won’t be immediately shown the users’ tweets. Instead, a warning message displays, reading twitter“Caution: This profile may include sensitive content.”

A reporter at Mashable first spotted the feature when trying to view the profile of technology analyst Justin Warren, but could not determine how the content was flagged.

Currently, the company permits content that contains violence or nudity, but it draws the line at “pornography or excessive violence in live video, or in your profile image or header image,” according to its page on sensitive media. It doesn’t mention profanity, racism, bigotry and other types of offenses, however. But sensitive content is not limited to “violence or nudity,” we’re told.

Users can choose to mark themselves as someone who tweets sensitive content through their “Privacy and Safety” settings.



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