Uber Kenya unveils revamped rider App

Uber Kenya has unveiled a revamped rider application. A “where to?” feature was added, unlike the old version that focused on where the rider was departing from, this new feature starts with the riders destination.

Speaking at the forum in Nairobi, Uber Kenya’s Operations Lead said, that the Ridsharing App rebuilt the application


from the ground-up putting the riders at the heart of it. The redesigned rider app is faster, smarter, and more reliable than before.

According to IT News Africa, Kenyans are taking to the app with a 68 percent adoption rate. The revamped Uber app now includes features such as upfront pricing and estimate time of arrival at the destination, so that riders have the information they need to make the best decision for their wallet and schedule. Other features in the App include Calendar integration that allows riders to integrate the app with their calendars through smart, built-in shortcuts, conduct people searches and share on-trip experiences.

―With this redesign, the app is much more personalized than it was before for riders. For new riders joining the app, they will find it more reliable, affordable and easier to use. And for us at Uber, the new app allows us to move faster to build better experiences and support riders, added Wamunyu.

At the same ceremony, the company’s acting General Manager for East Africa also outlined Uber’s plans to be part of the future of mobility in Kenya.




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