Uber now tracks user’s location after drop off

Uber is the most used ride sharing app around the globe. The app’s latest update allows it to track user location . This Uberclearly means that Uber will now know a user’s location even if they are dropped off a distance from the final destination and know where they end up after they leave the car.

The change in location data gathering is quite apparent — after the update is completed, Uber prompts users to accept the new policy by enabling their phones to make the change.

According to Uber, the change in data collection is to improve pickups, drop-offs, customer service and to enhance safety. Before the new update, the company only collected data while a user was interacting with the app and while the app was in the foreground and visible.

After a user accepts to update the app, they are requested to accept the new policy changes as the final step of the process. However the location settings can be turned off using the applications setting icon.

Uber Reports indicates that the app is available in 60 countries and over 300 cities worldwide. It fulfills one million rides daily and has over eight million users. The company’s fast rise to success directly correlates with the decrease in traditional taxi usage.


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