Uber raises taxi prices in Kenya

Taxi-hailing app company Uber has increased its fares, giving in to pressure from their drivers and MPs. The company has suffered many attacks the biggest battles being the final surrender in China, the CEO’s apology after a rant to a US driver-partner, and an announcement that drivers matter, after they went on strike asking for better rates.

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The drivers and legislators had said higher fares would be beneficial to its thousands of independent contractors and level the playing field for other players. The firm had in July last year lowered its prices by 35 percent in a move to encourage more riders on the road, to help increase trips for drivers, but according to drivers, the prices were not sustainable. The firm now says it realizes it only works when both riders and driver-partners are benefiting.

Though passengers need safe, reliable transport, drivers too need to keep earning to maintain their cars and keep coming back.

In Nairobi, it will now cost Sh42 per kilometre, up from Sh35, and the minimum fare has been increased to Sh300, up from Sh200. The base fare remains at Sh100 and the fee for time spent on the road remains Sh3 per kilometre. In Mombasa, the price per kilometre is also up to Sh42 while the minimum was increased to Sh200 from Sh150. The base fare was increased from Sh50 to Sh70.




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