Uber rebuilt its navigation app for drivers convinience

From providing accurate ETAs to navigating the fastest path to your destination, maps are at the heart of the Uber experience.

Anyone who frequently uses ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft knows the frustration that can Ubercome from a driver and rider trying to find each other. Sometimes the driver is on the wrong side of the street, or misses their turn and sometimes the rider gives terrible directions over the phone.

Uber will introduce a redesigned navigation experience built around drivers’ needs. The ride ailing company says that they’ve completely revamped navigation on iOS and are introducing in-app navigation on Android for the first time. Now, with one-tap, turn-by-turn directions start right away, saving time and eliminating the need to juggle multiple apps.

The newly developed map is focused on features to help drivers feel prepared throughout their trip. These includes navigation basics such as lane guidance, compound maneuvers, and real-time traffic. Uber also also introduced night-time themed maps to help give drivers’ eyes a break from harsh light during the evenings.

The ride hailing company further took it a step further with helping drivers feel prepared with features such as Route Preview, which displays the first turn after a pickup or dropoff to ease trip transitions.


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