UberPool eyes Facebook data to help you befriend riders

According to a patent unearthed by Business Insider, Uber is interested in using social media information to connect users with UberPool riders with similar interests & to show user’s who you’re riding with. CNN reports.

Uber riders would receive an alert through the Uber app that a fellow passenger attended the same school, grew up Uberpoolin the same town or was a friend of a friend on Facebook. Other commonalities, such as country of origin or birthplace, could also be shared.

The feature would function as a social lubricant, making riders feel more comfortable sitting in a vehicle with a stranger.

Many UberPool and LyftLine customers today sit in silence together in the backseat, not knowing that they have a meaningful connection to their other rider.

The patent application describes how riders could also have the option of only riding with other passengers whom they share something in common with. This may entice more people to use UberPool.

To reduce traffic congestion, transportation experts say we’ll have to spend less time riding alone and more time riding with other passengers. This will help use road space more efficiently and cut down on the number of cars needed CNN reports.

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