Ushahidi executive director accused of sexual harassment gets fired

Technology firm in Kenya,  Ushahidi,  has fired  the executive director, Daudi Were, on accusations that he sexually harassed an employee, Angela Kabari , who has since resigned.

Kabari, a former capacity development officer,  had complained that Were had made lewd comments and told her to have sex with another colleague while on a retreat in January. Kabari published the details of that night in a damning post last week, revealing the psychosomatic effect it had on her, which led to her quitting her job.

Kabari said that she had heard stories from eleven other women who had similar unpleasant encounters with the same person, showing that he had “years’ long, widely-known reputation for sexually inappropriate conduct, socially and at work.” These women narrated incidents where he had allegedly exposed his genitalia, sent inappropriate or suggestive text messages, or pornographic pictures.

The company’s board announced on Friday it had dismissed Mr Were with immediate effect after considering the evidence provided by various parties in the matter.

“Ushahidi has zero tolerance for injustice of any kind. In arriving at its decision, therefore, the board took all necessary steps to ensure fairness and respect for the human rights of the parties involved,” the board said in a statement published on its website.

“Nat Manning, who has been Ushahidi Chief Operations Officer, will stand in as interim Executive Director,” it added.The instance comes after Mr Were spoke with the Nation and challenged the admissibility of an audio recording used in the accuser’s claim against him.

The recording, taken through a phone at a company’s night out in January, was presented to the Ushahidi board alongside a transcript, which has been published online.

In it, Mr Were allegedly addresses her in a language that amounts to sexual harassment.


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