VLC Launches Media Player Launches 360-Degree Video Playback Support

VLC launches 360 degrees video playback support

VideoLAN’s VLC app is the most popular media player.

What makes it one of the best options among users is the fact that it is available on almost every platform and has the ability to play several video formats. The venerable media player is getting into the 360-degrees videos with a technical preview called VLC 360 degrees for windows and mac.

The new feature lets users play 360-degree videos and photos as well as Panorama images. In addition, the player will support open source and cross-platform formats, accelerated with both OpenGL and Direct3D11.

VideoLAN teamed up with Giroptic, a 360-degree camera maker, to bring on the new feature to its users making VLC the first major video player app to play 360 degrees videos.

In essence, the 360 content can be displayed in Zoom, Little Planet, and Reverse Little Planet modes. Users can also interact with the photos and videos using the mouse or keyboard.

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