WhatsApp Introduces Video Chat Feature for it Users

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Texts and voice calls are not enough when connecting with friends, family and those we care about in this digital era. The visual concept is essential to bridge this gap.

As their next step in their efforts to connect people globally, WhatsApp has introduced the video calling feature for its over 1 Billion Android, iPhone and windows devices users.

Having gained tremendous popularity as a messaging Application since it was developed in 2009. Statista reports records that as at February 2016, the App announced more than 1 Billion monthly active users from 700M in Jan 2015. This clearly indicates that its popularity internationally is growing rapidly.

If you have not received the app update yet, then WhatsApp will simply make a phone call to that contact instead of presenting you with both options.

According to the WhatsApp official blog, the feature is currently available for all beta users and will soon be available to all users. To use the video call feature, simply hit the call feature at the top right end of your screen and choose the video call option.

The video call feature enables users to toggle between the video screen and other phone operations but to continue viewing the caller, a user must go back to the video call screen.

An exciting way to connect internationally.

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