WhatsApp launches new Live Location feature for Android, iOS users

PHOTO CREDITS: newsinbit

WhatsApp, the popular messaging App globally is launching a new feature that will let contacts track one another in real time.

WhatsApp has come a long way since its launch as just an instant messaging application. The message service’s 1.3 billion active monthly users are increasingly depending on the platform to share and communicate. It has launched another new feature that enables users to share their live location for certain period of time.

The live location tracking feature, will allow users to share their movements if they’re trying to find their friends or let them know they’re safe. The feature, which WhatsApp said is encrypted, asks users to set a time limit on how long their location is shared for and lets them stop doing so at any time.

Despite being available on various other platforms like Messenger, Google Maps, Telegram etc. this feature might finally get a broader audience with Whats App’s daily active user base of 1 billion. The feature will sit well with over all use of the application.

The Feature can be used for “meeting up with friends, letting loved ones know you’re safe, or sharing your commute.” When a users willingly shares their live location, they will get an option to chose between various time frames for the live tracking to last.

Despite the safeguards the app has put in place, it could lead to some concerns that people could be encouraged to share where they are. The update follows a row over Snapchat’s Map, which reveals users locations. Unlike the Snapchat feature, WhatsApp users can only share their position temporarily and with certain contacts.

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