WhatsApp may soon let users unsend messages

WhatsApp is testing two major new features that could soon make their way to all users.

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The sought after feature will allow users to “unsend” messages, removing them from a receiver’s phone before they have had a chance to read them. The popular messaging App is testing the addition as an option in the beta version of its latest update, which could soon be available on iOS, according to monitors WABetaInfo

The beta release also includes other changes, including the ability to share your location with other users and a new font shortcuts. There’s also a new ‘change number’ feature, which allows users to more easily tell contact if they’ve got a new number. 

The feature is disabled by default, so users must switch it to inform their friends they have changed their details.

A new beta version of WhatsApp for Android, meanwhile, introduces new shortcuts for formatting text. Currently, users have to remember a range of commands to format their messages. To make text bold, they have to place it between two asterisks, like *this*. To italicise it, users need to sandwich it between two underscores, like _this_, and to strikethrough a message, they need to use tildes, like ~this~.

Instead of making users learn and type those commands, the test version of the app displays the full range of formatting options when a user selects an excerpt of text with a tap and hold. 

If feedback from the tests proves positive, WhatsApp will roll the features out to all users in future updates. 


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