WhatsApp to allow Pinned posts soon

WhatsApp has announced that they are coming with a new update. The new update brings “Pin to Top” feature on the chat list that allows priority chats appear on the top. With this, you can select the chats, including groups, you want to see on the top whenever you open WhatsApp.

When a user have pinned chats, then only those chats will be displayed on the top of your screen. But, a user can not pin more than three chats. If a user tries to pin more than three chats then the WhatsApp will send that user a notification conveying that it is not possible. After the chats are pinned by a user then any notification of recent chats can’t be received by the user.

According to Android Police, the new update can be very handy when the WhatsApp message box gets crowdy. The new update will allow the user to pin the top three favorite chats of a user. After those chats are pinned, then you will get a prompt notification and at the same time, those messages will be displayed at the top of the screen of the user.

This new feature will be added in the App from the next WhatApp updates. When a user taps and holds a particular chat then the ‘pin’ option will appear in the action bar. The ‘pin’ option will be followed by delete, mute and archive functions. It is expected that the new WhatsApp update will feature both android and iOS devices.

The popular messaging App is reportedly foraying into digital payment services in India. It is working to launch person-to-person payments in India in the next six months. The WhatsApp payment service will be supported by BHIM platform



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