Women in Tech: Ushahidi confirms sexual harassment claims, taking its time to investigate

The tech industry has long suffered a gender imbalance, with companies such as Google and Facebook acknowledging how few women were in their ranks.

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In Kenya, Ushahidi firm faces the same issues of sexual harrasment. The firm says it’s fully aware of the alleged sexual harassment claim and is investigating the matter to make sure both parties are heard and then action will be taken.

However, one of the victims says the tone of the statement shows why it has taken the board years to do anything about it and the accused is still in office representing the company.

According to Tech Moran,  “The Ushahidi Board is fully aware of an alleged sexual harassment claim lodged by an employee (who has since chosen to leave the company), against one of our senior employees and has prioritised an internal inquiry into the matter,” said part of the statement. “Ushahidi, as a matter of policy and practice, does not in any way condone sexual harassment and treats any such allegation seriously.”

Elsewhere,  female engineers have started to speak out on the issue, including a former Uber engineer who detailed a pattern of sexual harassment at the company, setting off internal investigations that spurred the resignation in June of Uber’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick.

Most recently, the revelations about Mr. Caldbeck of Binary Capital have triggered an outcry. The investor has been accused of sexually harassing entrepreneurs while he worked at three different venture firms in the past seven years, often in meetings in which the women were presenting their companies to him.

With the accused still in charge of the company at Ushahidi, the victim (s) is already betrayed and silenced and pushed to the gutter and the noise will subside. To the victim (s), it needed the board to be emphatic enough to ask all the accused executives to step aside, hire an independent legal firm to carry out investigations and not rely on its own legal team but in a jungle, the strong survive and this is the last to hear of such claims as the move quietly silences every employee.



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