Yahoo’s Search Share Dips For First Time Since Firefox Deal Began



Danny Sullivan discussed the February search share stats on Search Engine Land. Yahoo dipped after posting gains in the previous two months. The dip wasn’t that big but the company had some good momentum going over the previous two months. The data from StatCounter shows:

  • Google: 78.7% (+0.1%)
  • Yahoo: 10.1% (-0.1%)
  • Bing: 9.8% (+0.1%)

From the article:

Yahoo’s share of search in the United States has dropped for the first time since it signed a deal to be the default search engine in Firefox. The drop follows two months of impressive gains. The loss suggests that a “high water mark” has been reached for gains the deal can produce for Yahoo and that “switchback” by Google users may now slowly cause Yahoo to give back share.

A Small Drop For Yahoo

In the middle of last November, Yahoo because the default search provider for Firefox users in the United States. While that includes mobile distribution, Firefox has virtually no mobile users. So, it is desktop search statistics that really show the health of that deal. The latest stats from StatCounter show Yahoo having a slight decrease from last month:

Read the full article and check out the charts on Search Engine Land

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