Youngster unlocks Africa ’s greatness with logical mathematical intelligence

Across Africa, mathematics is often viewed as an impractical, ivory tower pursuit but not to a 13 year old, Jemal Abraha from Eritrea Africa.

The sixth grade boy is has been nick named afters the Ancient mathematician Archimedes after developing a mathematics theory that associates a person’s phone number to generate their age.

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The formula is an incredible solution which incorporates various mathematics equations on a person’s phone numberwhich ultimately generates their age. This creative innovation has triggered Apple, one of the biggest tech giant in America, to respond in full support of Jemal’s education and a fulltime work opportunity after graduation. How encouraging.

As a continent, we’ve sweated over underdevelopment, dissected underperforming schools, gutted standards and curricula, and brain drain. We’ve thrown the classroom desk-chair at the problem and still remain very low when it comes to Science, Technology and Mathematics literacy.

The mathematical theory developed by the young Eritrean boy is a clear indication that that Africa‘s talent is a rich and untapped resource that is ripe for harvest.

Additionally, for the general development of the continent, it is notable that technology is an undetachable part of education in this era of internet of things. It is not an accident that plenty of research and innovations are made in places also concerned with teaching, such as Universities.  And it is common to find great scientists who stress how technology has an important impact in their own scientific growth.

With such trends, Africa’s flag will fly higher in the global spectrum and open doors for more innovator’s in the continent.





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