YouTube’s revamped Site brings an optional dark mode

YouTube has now announced that anyone can now opt-in to try the revamped site, which is cleaner, simpler, and more in line with the YouTube app on mobile devices.

YouTube officially began rolling out a fundamental design change to the look and feel of the popular video sharing site. Incorporating Material Design elements into the mix, the new version of YouTube offers up infinite scrolling along with a cleaner interface and a simpler design which make things a bit easier on the eyes.

Based on YouTube owner Google’s design language, Material Design, there are some subtle but welcome changes to the video streaming service’s UI. There’s more white space, a lighter and smaller search bar, the blue video title links are now black, and the sidebar menu, which can now be hidden from view using the hamburger menu, is less cluttered.

The Home, Trending, and Subscriptions sections have been moved from their central position at the top of the page to the left sidebar menu. Beneath those, you’ll find Your Library and a list of each subscribed channel. The new theme also introduces infinite scrolling of recommended videos, so you’ll no longer have to click “Load More.”

The dark Mode can be activated to change the white background to black, making viewing videos at night easier on the eyes. The feature was developed with the help of Google’s Polymer framework, the open-source JavaScript library that can create re-useable web components.


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