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November, 2012

WiMAX maintains momentum in Africa, Middle East

Recent announcements from Africa and the Middle East show that WiMAX still has legs as carriers, vendors and governments pursue deployment of the technology in that region and the WiMAX Forum prepares to holds its first Middle East-focused event. Alvarion this week announced that longtime customer ETI in Guinea will use the vendor’s 4Motion 802.16e […]

Satellite broadband coming to underserved communities in South Sudan

A satellite service launching across South Sudan will provide wide reaching, high performance, satellite broadband Internet to unserved and underserved locations and communities across the country. The service is being launched by the UAE-based operator Yahsat. Known as YahClick “broadband everyone”, the service will be launched in partnership with local ISP RCS-Communication. Commenting on the […]

New High-Speed Internet For African Research Cooperation Unveiled

Boost for scientists and academics as EC-funded AfricaConnect project launches UbuntuNet, the high-speed data network for research and education in Southern and Eastern Africa Lisbon, Portugal, 28 November 2012: DANTE, the operator of GÉANT, the pan-European research and education network; and UbuntuNet Alliance, the regional research and education network for Southern and Eastern Africa, today announce […]

Rural areas offered free broadband

A mobile phone network is providing free access to high-speed broadband for rural areas in the Highlands. Three said it is bringing almost four million megabytes of mobile broadband to people and businesses in the northern coastal areas of Melvich and Durness, as well as connecting the port in Invergordon. more

The UN/ITU respond to Google’s #freeandopen campaign as the EU votes to condemn changes to internet governance

An intergovernmental organisation, which few people have heard of, wants to take control over the management of the internet potentially harming freedom of speech and increasing censorship, according to a chilling warning from Google. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) @ITU, an organ of the United Nations which consists of world governments and telcos, will be convened […]

Resist the Increasing Role of the United Nations in Internet Governance

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations specialized agency, will host the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 3–14. The purpose of this conference is to reach consensus among the 193 ITU member states on updating the 1988 International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs) governing international telecommunications. more
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Women’s take on internet governance: A selection of tweets from IGF 2012

This is a selection of the tweets circulated during the Internet Governance Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan, from November 6-9 2012. They were selected following the criteria of its relevance in reflecting the discussions around women’s role in internet governance processes, as well as women’s and internet rights during the IGF. more
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Internet governance should be transparent

Speakers on a public dialogue demanded not to control the Internet as proposed in the International Telecommunications Revisions to be presented in World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai from 3-14 December. They also urged to the government and International Telecommunication Union to act in favor of Internet’s openness and uphold freedom of expression […]

System error: Governments squabble over new rules for the internet

THE rules of the internet decide its speed, safety, accessibility, flexibility and unity. They therefore matter not just to computer enthusiasts, but to everyone with a stake in the modern world. On December 3rd officials from more than 150 countries, plus do-gooders, geeks and other interested parties, will meet in Dubai to argue about how […]

Why Internet governance matters for press freedom

As the annual United Nations-run Internet Governance Forum (IGF) convenes in Baku, Azerbaijan this week, it is a bitter irony that a multi-stakeholder conference to discuss the Internet’s future is being held in a country where the government has no qualms about locking up its online critics. And the IGF itself has, according to the Expression Online […]