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December, 2012

Two ICANN officials may actually be conflicted

Two ICANN directors Chris Disspain of .au policymaker AuDA and Mike Silber of the  The .za Domain Name Authority  have updated their official statements of interest  which are normaly  used by ICANN  to identify any potential conflicts on the board of Director. This moves comes after a .africa applicant DotConnectafrica lodged a complaint implicating the […]

Who supported the ITRs at WCIT-12?

There is a clear correlation between a state’s ranking in the Democracy Index and how their position on the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR) at the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) World Conference on Information Technology (WCIT-12). The following chart compares those countries that supported the ITRs with those that did not or deferred their vote until […]

New communication rules: Kenya refuses to sign on

Kenya has refused to sign the new International Communication Regulations put together by a conference last week as divisions rocked the country’s delegation. Sources who attended the World Conference on International Telecommunications said Information and Communications permanent secretary Bitange Ndemo took a different stance from what was adopted by technocrats from the Communications Commission of […]

EU passes resolution against ITU designs on the internet

THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT has passed a resolution opposing the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) assertion that it should control the internet. The ITU will hold a behind closed doors meeting on 3 December where it is expected to claim that it should have control over the internet. That prospect led to Google saying that would result […]

Google rallies opposition to UN takeover of Internet governance

The world’s leading search company has decided to come out swinging against an effort by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the telecommunications arm of the United Nations, to seize a larger role for itself in Internet governance. “There is a growing backlash on Internet freedom,” Google says on its website. “Forty-two countries filter and censor […]

Dispute over the Application of Persian Gulf Domain Extension by Major Arab States

As it was reported earlier by Mideast Time, a large number of Arab citizens were not happy with the formal application of Persian Gulf domain extension. Now the governments of four Arab states including Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE have sent their official objection letter to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and […]

Google and Amazon warned by ICANN over generic domain name applications

 INTERNET GOVERNANCE BODY ICANN has come up with the list of names that companies, organisations and countries might want to stake their claim on. The GAC, or Government Advisory Committee, has published the list on behalf of ICANN, and throws up 242 domains, including .app,.cloud, .book, .movie, .game and .mail… all of which are targeted […]

Tokyo Court Hands Win to Samsung Over Apple

TOKYO — A Japanese court on Friday rejected patent claims made by Apple against Samsung, a victory for the company after its crushing defeat in the United States last week and a reminder of the global scope of the patent war between the two technology giants While Apple prevailed over Samsung in the United States, […]

Mitigating Harm Caused by the ICANN “Draw”

The gTLD Prioritization “Draw” was a mistake. But its negative impact can still be mitigated. The best course of action follows directly from information that can be gleaned from available data. Let us start with the latest piece of intelligence: who “played” in the “Draw”? 1766 of 1917 applications had a lottery ticket. This is […]

Report from the ICANN Prioritization Draw for New gTLDs

The following is a guest post by Joe Alagna, GM North American Markets at CentralNic. He attended yesterday’s prioritization draw at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles. His summary outlines the results of the lottery draw along with some important information regarding the timeline of the new gTLD process. Yesterday, ICANN held the prioritization draw […]