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January, 2013

PlusNet Tests IP Address-Sharing As IPv6 Fails To Take Off

PlusNet, the Sheffield-based ISP owned by BT, is testing a controversial scheme in which all its customers could share one IP address through Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT). The move, made necessary by the slow progress of the new protocol IPv6, could limit customers’ Internet actions and cause problems with tracking abuse or criminal action. source

Gartner’s Top 10 tech trends for 2013

Computerworld – ORLANDO -First came the heavy adoption of Apple’s mobile platform by consumers whose heavy use of the devices for business tasks forced the IT operations at their companies to support them. source

Anonymous Hacks US Government Sites With ‘Asteroids’ Game

Hacktivist group Anonymous took over the U.S. Sentencing Commission website this weekend, turning ussc.gov into the classic arcade game “Asteroids,” complete with Nyan Cat shooter. The initial hack on Saturday embedded a video on the site issuing a statement in response to the death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz. The video details “Operation Last Resort,” […]

Is your Facebook competition legal? The hidden dangers of small print and the clicks that bind

A majority of businesses have or are considering using Facebook pages to promote their companies. Many of them resort to tactics such as bribery, encouraging users to ‘like their page’ in order to enter a competition or win a prize. more

Kenyan Konza Technocity launch opens new frontier for investors

The Konza ICT City, one of the theme projects expected to make Kenya a newly industrialised economy in 17 years, breaks ground Wednesday with the promoters reporting that they have already attracted investors from around the world. more

Picking up where the IGF left off: our role in the future of Internet governance

Internet governance is reaching a crisis point. Internet-related public policies are being shaped by governments behind closed doors, sparking global street and online protests over agreements such as the  (TPPA) more

DotConnectAfrica requests the ICANN Board Not to Listen to GAC Early Warning Advise on .africa

DCA’s response to ICANN Board on its 17 Country objections is full of sensible explanation as to why ICANN cannot use the GAC recommendations in the early warning as a parting shot to its evaluation process in determining who will run the African registry. The GAC issued 242 Early Warnings on 145 individual applications in […]

Testing HIV on mobile devices now possible

A low-cost mobile device that performs HIV testing by just a finger prick and has the ability to synchronize patients’ results with electronic health records in real time has been created. According to a research appearing on Clinical Chemistry, a leading international journal of clinical laboratory science by AACC, the study was conducted by a […]

Mega spectacle at launch of Kim Dotcom’s new file-sharing site

The internet entrepeneur Kim Dotcom boasted on Sunday that his new file-sharing service, Mega, was the fastest-growing startup in internet history. more

[E-book] Technology in Africa – 2013 Digest

If you are interested in insightful opinion and analysis about the Technology scene in Africa and matters that affect it, then the newly published Technology in Africa – 2013 Digest is for you. more