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ICANN’s Independent Objector Files Objections To 24 New gTLD Applications

Independent  objector gTLDsOn 12 March 2013, the Independent Objector (IO) lodged 24 objections against new applied-for gTLDs before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The 24 objections were on 13 separate strings, three for .Amazon including 2 IDN’s; .Charity; .Med; .Health,; .Healthcare; .Hospital; .Indians; .Patagonia; .Medical.

The IO is limited to filing objections on the grounds of Limited Public Interest and Community, however the applicant for .africa did not recieve objections from the Independent Objector.

“Following his exchanges with some applicants for new gTLDs, as part of the Initial Notice Procedure he remained convinced that, for some applications, an objection was still warranted on the Limited Public Interest and/or Community grounds”

The following list of objections will be examined by experts’ panels appointed by the ICC and in light of the New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure from ICANN, the ICANN gTLD Applicant Guidebook, the ICC Rules for Expertise, the Appendix III to the ICC Rules for Expertise and the ICC Practice Note on the Administration of Cases.”

Community Objections filed by the Independent Objector source

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March 15th, 2013



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