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May, 2013

DotConnectAfrica goes to Washington

In their latest press release, DotConnectAfrica the applicant for the .africa gTLD, has given an update on their meetings in Washington D.C. with congressional staffers in pertinent committees to discuss the general and specific issues conveyed in its letter to Congress. This follows their February 2013 letter to Congress , the press release gives an […]

Why We Won’t Get International Cyberwarfare Standards

ASA Risk Consultants added its voice this week to the slowly growing chorus of voices demanding a coordinated international response to cyberattacks. In a research note circulated by IDG, ASA asserts that “nations will need to come to an agreement on how cyber warfare should be handled.” Nations should establish lasting peace and end world […]

Afnic Industry Report details High Growth in .FR Domains in Two Departments of France

Afnic,the company behind .FR domain,released its monthly Industry Report.In its May issue,Afnic focused on the geographical location of .FR domains . Afnic revealed the following facts : “The Isère (25%) and Alpes-Maritimes (22%) departments have the highest annual growth rates of domain names under the .fr TLD. The Top 10 in terms of the number […]

.gcc gTLD applicant rejects GAC Advice, asks ICANN to allow process to continue before board determination

“…we call on the GAC to disclose its full justification and reasoning to issuing the advice, as well any and all documents that it considered in formulating that advice…” GAC Communique from the 46thICANN Beijing meeting gave two applications a consensus objection, the GAC communiqué read  i.             The GAC Advises the ICANN Board that:   […]

DotConnectAfrica implores the ICANN Board not to consider the Mis-Advised GAC Objection – Requests its application to proceed with the ICANN process

“We stand by our position that UniForum has not engaged with ‘clean hands’ over the issue of .Africa.   Accepting a GAC Objection Advice against DCA’s application will be against the canons of equity and justice.” ICANN 46  held from 7-11 April 2013 in Beijing China saw the most anticipated process of the new gTLD […]

Evolving 3G competition is a positive sign for Burkina Faso

Next month, Burkina Faso will presumably hold its 9th annual semaine nationale de l’Internet (national Internet week). Last year’s event urged rural areas to better contribute to national development using ICT. In advance of this great moment, we’ve taken the time to highlight current Internet happenings in Burkina Faso. Mobile broadband is certainly on the […]

Google blimps to bring wireless internet to developing countries

Google will be connecting Africa, Asia and other developing countries, to wireless networks with the aim of connecting approximately 1 billion people. The search giant will finance, build and help to operate high altitude platforms using balloons and blimps – rather than traditional infrastructure – to carry a signal that can transmit to areas of […]

.Ummah(dotUmmah) New gTLD Application from Gambia has been withdrawn

.UMMAH new gTLD has been dropped off the new gTLD applications process. According to the new gTLDs result website, .Umma [1-2104-81541], prioritization number 553 has been withdrawn, this follows the initial evaluation result “Did not meet all criteria”   Ummah  is a term more familiar to Muslims and can loosely be translated to an Islamic […]

New gTLD Applicant Responses to ICANN GAC Advice published

22 May 2013, ICANN  has posted the GAC advice responses from the concerned applicants. In the Beijing Communiqué [PDF, 156 KB], the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) issued advice to the ICANN Board of Directors regarding New gTLD applications. “Beginning 18 April 2013, applicants were afforded a 21-day period in which to respond to GAC advice, […]

New Set of Initial Evaluation Results Released, 341 applications have passed

ICANN released a new set of new gTLD results, so far 341 have passed the initial evaluation, three are eligible for “Eligible for Extended Evaluation”. These include العليان (priority number 48) , OLAYANGROUP (priority number 318) both applied for by Olayan Investments Company Establishment and MCKINSEY (priority number 125). To view the results here