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.Ummah(dotUmmah) New gTLD Application from Gambia has been withdrawn

.UMMAH new gTLD has been dropped off the new gTLD applications process. According to the new gTLDs result website, .Umma [1-2104-81541], prioritization number 553 has been withdrawn, this follows the initial evaluation result “Did not meet all criteria
Ummah  is a term more familiar to Muslims and can loosely be translated to an Islamic Commonwealth,targeted at the entire Muslim Commonwealth, or Muslim nations with population totaling 1.6 billion. A gTLD for 1.6 billion people is definitely something. According to the dotUmmah ICANN Application:
The .ummah gTLD will finally provide Muslims and Islamic organizations a means to translate to the Internet, the Muslim identity that has been used since the birth of Islam about 1,400 years ago.  Beyond that, .ummah will also provide a much-needed choice that will help them build their sense of community, and build bridges between the Islamic and non-Islamic world.  Internet users will thus be able to find Islamic organizations, institutions, government agencies, businesses much easier with .ummah than without it.  In the same vein, non-Islamic entities will find .ummah domain names an effective route to reaching their target audiences in the Islamic world.
Ummah Registry had planned to use  COCCA Registry Services as its Registry backend services provider and the application is Standard.

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May 27th, 2013



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