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Evolving 3G competition is a positive sign for Burkina Faso

Next month, Burkina Faso will presumably hold its 9th annual semaine nationale de l’Internet (national Internet week). Last year’s event urged rural areas to better contribute to national development using ICT. In advance of this great moment, we’ve taken the time to highlight current Internet happenings in Burkina Faso.

Mobile broadband is certainly on the rise in the West African nation. As of early 2012, 91% of Internet users used mobile devices. Market share among the three operators is tight; as of last year, Airtel and Telmob were tied with 39% and Telecel followed with a 22% share. That is poised to change with aggressive 3G offerings from Airtel and Telmob, along with the regulator’s call for a fourth mobile provider. More

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May 28th, 2013



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