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Cybercriminals developing more malware

Kaspersky Lab’s experts recently published its IT Threat Evolution Report for Q2 2013 (image: A.Penkov / Shutterstock.com)According to the report, mobile malware was the most significant statistical category for the second quarter, in both quantity and complexity. Not only are cybercriminals developing more malware targeting mobile platforms, they are also advancing the programmes’ capabilities and behaviours. In addition to mobile malware, cybercriminals’ focused heavily on implementing campaigns designed for illegal bitcoin mining and theft as the digital currency’s value rapidly increased during the second quarter.

Q2 2013 Malware Statistics:

The following data was obtained using the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). All statistics were compiled with the full consent of users participating in KSN.

  • Kaspersky Lab products detected and neutralised a total of 983,051,408 threats in the second quarter of 2013.
  • Web-Based Attacks: 577,159, 385 infections were prevented from infecting users’ while accessing the Internet.
  • Computer Infections: 400,604,327 malicious programmes were prevented from infecting users’ machines.
  • Mobile Malware: 29, 695 new malware modifications were added to Kaspersky Lab’s detection system in the second quarter of 2013. Read

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