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Africa.com Now Selling Subdomains From $40 – $5,000 Per Year

Africa.com has become the latest site to sell Subdomains and according to the registry trademark holders have already grabbed a bunch.

According to Ope Odusan, Managing Director, Africa.com:

“The world’s largest and most high profile brands have been among the first to acquire domain names ending with the new extension .africa.com.

“In the first few weeks since we started offering domains, trademarks owners have quickly picked up their domains including twitter.africa.com, starbucks.africa.com, ibm.africa.com, evian.africa.com, standardbank.africa.com, lego.africa.com, marksandspencer.africa.com, emirates.africa.com, philips.africa.com, miele.africa.com, and the list goes on and on”

In addition to trademark domains, according to Mr. Odusan generic premium subdomains have been sold including I business.africa.com, design.africa.com, capital.africa.com.

Premium domains seemed to be priced at $200 a year to $5,000 a year although most are priced at $200-$750.

Regular registrations, those domains not classified as premium domain are priced at $39.95 per year.

If you want to check out what is available and register domain names you can do it here.

There will be a .Africa new gTLD extension which may help or hinder this subdomain program.

It is a continuation of the emphasis on the registrations of domain to the right of the dot

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September 13th, 2013



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