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Africa’s cloud solution pundits urge market to ‘try it out’

Although business leaders and analysts within Africa’s growing ICT sector agree that a sense of hesitancy hovers over the increased adoption of cloud solutions, there is consensus that there is benefit in the application of the technology.

At ITNewsAfrica’s Innovation Dinner on the topic of Real-world Cloud Adoption, hosted on Thursday 05 September in Johannesburg, experts acknowledged that issues like security, cost of investment and control over data has hampered the uptake of cloud – at the same time they urged the market to ‘try it out’.

“Try it out… try it in a non-mission critical production-type environment, in those grudge purchase areas like disaster recovery, like test and development. You will soon realise that the cash injection to your budget becomes so much more compelling to then have freedom to try other things. It is about putting money back into your budget, rather than taking out constantly on simple operations. So it is about working strategically,” said Avi Mistry, Head Commercial & Government, Intel Corporation. more

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September 13th, 2013


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