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October, 2013

Stakeholders wrangle over the Brazil Summit on Internet Governance

With the recent revelations of mass United States government surveillance, existing Internet governance arrangements have become more than untenable – for many they have become an outrage. And the solutions that governments proposed at WSIS – the IGF and the unfinished process towards enhanced cooperation – have not provided the substantial changes that stakeholders, particularly […]

Surveillance a major concern at conclusion of UN-backed forum on internet governance

25 October 2013 – While reaffirming the need to strengthen the multi-stakeholder approach to Internet governance, the United Nations-backed forum on the issue, known as the IGF, concluded today in Bali, Indonesia with an acknowledgement that surveillance is the major emerging issue of the year. Over four days, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), set up […]

Nigerian spammers piggyback on Syrian conflict: Kaspersky

Ongoing conflict in Syria has resulted in a “surge” of Nigerian scam emails containing references to the Middle East country, says global internet security firm Kaspersky. A civil war has been raging in Syria since 2011 as rebel forces seek to oust the Ba’ath government. And Nigerian spammers have sought to take advantage of the […]

Allowing Singular & Plural New gTLD’s Are A Bad Idea! BC Tells ICANN

In a letter sent to ICANN, the Chair, ICANN Business Constituency (BC) told ICANN what we at TheDomains.com said over a year ago, that allowing new gTLD’s of plural and singular of the same term is a bad idea.   “As we move towards the launch of the first new gTLDs this year, the Business […]

Stormy digital migration voyage; Will Africa beat the June 2015 deadline

Though as a bloc, the five-member countries of the East African Community, had settled on a December 2012 deadline which they all failed to beat, Kenya, despite a few setbacks, is on track to beat its own December 13, 2013 analogue switch off date for Nairobi and its environs. The coastal region, and western parts […]

‘Rethinking ICANN’ is Not a One-Man Job

In the midst of the overseeing the biggest change in the history of the Internet’s global addressing system, ICANN President Fadi Chehade has inexplicably embarked on a high-stakes battle over the very future of his organization and its relationship to world governments — at the expense of the private sector’s historical role in Internet governance. […]

Is ICANN using PRISM as excuse to break from the US?

As reported by Domainincite ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade, with backing from government leaders, is using the recent revelations about the PRISM mass surveillance program to try to speed up ICANN’s split from the US. Speaking to an American radio station, Chehade said yesterday: I think the current role the United States has with ICANN was […]

AU cybersecurity plan criticized by Experts

Stakeholders in the ICT sector are lobbying against the ratification of an African Union regulations on cyber security because of fears the proposed rules will stifle Internet growth. The African Union Convention on Cyber Security (AUCC) is scheduled to be adopted at a meeting in January if none of its members oppose it. But some […]

Bali IGF: Surveillance, Human Rights, Governance Of Internet Resources, “Multistakeholderism”

The revelations of mass surveillance by the US and other intelligence services are expected to considerably influence the 8th Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia this week. There is a fear, said Robert Guerra from the Canadian Citizen Lab, that the surveillance topic will drive other issues and outcomes of the meetings, too. With “Surveillance […]

New mobile payment solution to drive cashless transactions in Uganda

You can now use your mobile phone to pay for your goods and services at specific points of sale, thanks to a new mobile payment solution that seeks to boost cashless transactions in the country. Riding on the success of the mobile money platform, Imara Mobile has introduced a card-based mobile payment solution that enables […]