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.Samsung becomes first ICANN new gTLD brand extension

Samsung is the first company to sign a contract with the Global Manager domain names ICANN for a brand extension.

first #newgTLD brand contract, 삼성, means Samsung in Korean! #ICANN

It was yesterday that was signed the agreement (called a ‘registry agreement’) between Samsung and ICANN. This is a contract. 삼성 the Samsung brand in Korea.

The file that the electronics giant had given to the Global Manager of domain names, it appears that what motivates first Samsung is the brand protection (ie, it is a defensive action) . It was only in the second instance that the company would use. 삼성 for commercial purposes.

All of this means. Samsung (Korean writing) go down in history as the first brand extension on the internet. So that the South Korean company certainly raise a whole lot of attention from the media to the new phenomenon of internet suffixes.

Services ‘backend’ techniques. 삼성 will be carried out by Kisa, the manager of the top-level domain Korean. Kr. In the best cases. Samsung could appear on the internet before the end of the year.

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October 4th, 2013



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