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January, 2014

Yahoo Email Account Passwords Stolen

Yahoo has admitted that usernames and passwords of its email customers have been stolen and used to access accounts – but has refused to reveal how many. Yahoo is the second-largest email service worldwide, after Google’s Gmail, according to the research firm comScore. There are 273 million Yahoo mail accounts worldwide, including 81 million in […]

CENTR on Internet Governance in 2013 and What’s Coming Up in 2014

Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) has published an Issue Paper entitled “Internet Governance Landscape this year and next.” The following is a summary from the paper along with links to download the document in full. CENTR Paper: Internet Governance landscape this year and next (Click to Download) What happened in 2013 […]

Google infringed patents, must pay 1.36 percent of AdWords revenue

Court :Holding company Vringo used old Lycos patents to wrest a win worth many millions. Vringo is a tiny company that purchased some patents from Lycos, an old search engine, in 2011 and then used those patents to sue Google. In December 2012, Vringo won $30 million in a jury trial, but that was far […]

It is a Go for ‘dotScot’

‘Deal reached’ on .scot internet domain SCOTLAND is set to receive its own internet domain after an international authority gave permission for the country to have its own unique web addresses. Not-for-profit company Dot Scot Registry (DSR) has announced that it has agreed terms with international regulators to operate a new .scot domain. The International […]

Uniforum’s Reserve Names lists (RNL) development doesn’t signify that a domain is going to be delegated

ICANN is currently processing new gTLDs, and from the 1930 applications presented in 2012 application phase, not all of them are guaranteed to go through. ICANN gave the following statistics as of January 17th 2014: 989 applicants have been invited to Contracting, 382 applicants have responded to their Contracting Information Request invitation, 301 contracts have […]

World Economic Forum website closes after email address leak

Security research firm finds vulnerabilities in the website of the WEF, which organises the annual conference in Davos A security flaw on its website led to the World Economic Forum at Davos leaking attendee’s email addresses for at least five days in mid-January. Embarrassingly for the organisation, even while their insecure website was exposing attendees’ […]

Is Windows 8 ‘the New Vista’ ?

Microsoft employees reportedly refer to Windows 8 as “the new Vista,” a nickname guaranteed to make company executives cringe — and a perception that’s hastening the arrival of Windows 9. Respected blogger Paul Thurrott, who covers Windows on WinSupersite.com, disclosed the nickname in a tweet. “Can we call Windows 8 the new Vista? Not so […]

NSA’s Mass Collection of U.S. Phone Data Will End Says Obama

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama‘s plan to curtail the government’s mass collection of American phone data shakes up U.S. spying practices amid a world-wide firestorm over revelations about the nation’s surveillance programs. But Mr. Obama, promising a continued review, left large swaths of the surveillance programs unchanged, and many of his proposals for overhauling them still face […]

Verizon wins: Court Ends ‘Net Neutrality’ On A Technicality

A federal appeals court has struck down the FCC’s “net neutrality” rules, siding with Verizon in a case that could allow internet service providers to charge — or restrict — internet access based on customers’ or companies’ usage. The FCC said it may appeal the ruling. For years, the FCC has required that broadband web […]

New TLDs come out with a whimper

Those hoping for a “big bang” of new TLDs are surely disappointed in how the rollout is taking place. I’ve talked to a number of new top level domain name applicants who believe new TLDs need to come out with a “big bang.” A bunch of great domain options backed by big marketing budgets need […]