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ntldstats: 80% Of All New gTLD’s Are Parked

ntldstats.com, has added parking stats to its system, both overall and by each new gTLD extension.

Overall ntldstats says that just over 80% of all new gTLD domain names are parked.

Last week Verisign announced as of June 29th only 3% of all new gTLD resolved to “business websites”  which I assume by definition excludes personal websites and which may account for the difference.

Parked domains are defined on the site as any domains which has a traditional parked page which also seems to include registrar placeholders as well as any non-resolving site and those “without content”, those without a DNS record, and those being redirected to another domain.

ntldstats.com has a break down for each category which makes a site “parked”, a pretty impressive piece of work by our friends at ntldstats.com

Overall out of almost 1.9 million new gTLD domain name registered,  80.47 percent are going to a parked page.

Additionally,  ntlsstats is showing the number and percentage of parked domain names for each new gTLD extension.

For example, .in the case of .XYZ,  which is leading all new gTLD in the numbers of domain registrations with over 444,000 domain names, the service says over 94% of all of these domain names are parked or 419,914 domain names, so well over the total average.

However .XYZ is not the new gTLD with the highest percentage of parked domains, more about that below the chart.

In the case of second most registered new gTLD, .Berlin, over 85% of all of the domain names are parked.

.Club which is the third most registered extension, but the 1st in terms of having not given away any free domains, over 78% of the domain names are parked.

Here is the percentage of  “parked”  domain names for each of the  top 30 new gTLD domain Extensions (if you want to see the details for each click on the link)

TLD % of new gTLD Domains Total Parked
.xyz 27.55% 94.27%
.berlin 7.77% 82.95%
.club 4.98% 77.38%
.guru 3.40% 74.59%
.wang 2.65% 80.27%
.在线 (xn--3ds443g) 2.18% 92.97%
.link 2.16% 89.39%
.photography 1.81% 63.20%
.today 1.64% 71.97%
.email 1.64% 64.66%
.tips 1.37% 72.68%
.company 1.31% 73.24%
.solutions 1.08% 69.57%
.中文网 (xn--fiq228c5hs) 1.06% 92.81%
.expert 1.01% 75.69%
.tokyo 1.00% 78.25%
.center 0.97% 67.72%
.directory 0.91% 74.36%
.technology 0.89% 70.64%
.sexy 0.78% 78.87%
.ninja 0.65% 69.18%
.clothing 0.64% 73.63%
.voting 0.64% 96.63%
.photos 0.62% 66.83%
.gallery 0.59% 67.18%
.academy 0.56% 70.56%
.international 0.56% 72.00%
.bike 0.54% 64.74%
.agency 0.54% 69.75%
.land 0.53% 61.55%

If you are wondering new gTLD extensions have the least amount of parked domains, .Buzz is at just over 44%; .Moe has just less than 50%

Actually those are the only two new gTLD extensions which have a parking rate under 50%.

The highest parked extension is .voting at over 96%.  You might remember we noted the day after launch we wrote a post noting that over 97% of all of the domains registered in .voting were registered by a company associated to the registry,

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August 18th, 2014



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