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African E-Commerce giant Jumia partners with Posta Kenya for offline pick-up points

Kenya’s leading online mall, Jumia has partnered with Posta Kenya to allow its customers to pick up items they purchase on the website from Post offices across the country. Parinaz Firozi Managing Director, Jumia Kenya said, “We are delighted that our customers can now pick up items they order on Jumia from selected Post offices […]

Africa’s E-bay:-Jumia responds to Africa’s growing mobile market

The mobile internet sector in Africa is developing rapidly, with smartphones becoming much more affordable and growing in popularity. Jumia, Africa’s leading online retailer, has taken advantage of this with a mobile app that allows an increasing number of Africans to access the e-commerce platform wherever they are. Reports The number of mobile subscriptions in Africa […]

Fintech in Africa

FinTech space is fast growing in Africa. The continent has recorded massive growth in the last decade. Currently Africa has more than 400 FinTech companies and startups of which more than 80% of them are home-grown. The industry is largely dominated by payment, lending, insurance and investments focused solutions.     The growth is attributed […]

DHL grow its logistics business, by acquiring stake in Mall for Africa’s Link Commerce

The logistics firm DHL has acquired an undisclosed minority stake in Mall for Africa’s Link Commerce, in a bid to grow its logistics business in Sub-Saharan Africa and other global emerging e-commerce markets. The acquisition in Link Commerce, the UK-based e-commerce firm helped it launch its DHL Africa eShop platform. DHL went live with the […]

AIG startups in Nigeria to get zero data charges in app deal from MTN

This week, online marketplace Kaymu becomes the latest member of the Africa Internet Group (AIG) network of companies to get zero data apps on the MTN network and this follows previous announcement of similar services for ecommerce giant Jumia and hotel booking platform Jovago. This is how it works. MTN is offering these startups zero-rate […]

Internet Usage in Africa Rising Rapidly

The African Internet Effect is rippling out and affecting everything it touches. The first shocks of this earthquake have been quite gentle but its power will build for two reasons.  reports Balancing Act Firstly, the African “digital change” generation are 18-30 years old. In the next five years as they get older, there will be […]

Konga the Nigerian Online Retailer To Become Africa’s Biggest Internet Company

Nigeria’s leading online retailer, Konga is set to become Africa’s biggest internet company as an investment of about $60 million is set to be injected into the company. Reports Ventures Africa According to a source close to the retailer, Konga’s value will rise to about $190 million post the capital injection. But while the new […]