BitCoin: Dutch man Martijn Wismeijer embeds chips in hands to store cryptocurrency

Martijn Wismeijer (Screenshot from YouTube video by Mr Bitcoin)
Martijn Wismeijer (Screenshot from YouTube video by Mr Bitcoin)

The founder the bitcoin ATM firm, Mr Bitcoin, has embedded a tiny chip in his hands to keep his digital currency safe, which also gives him an in-body set of keys and an alarm clock. Reports RT

Dutch entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer has had an NFC (near-field communication) chip injected into each hand between the muscle and skin tissue.

The ultra-cautious Mr Wismeijer says it’s crucial to get the chips encrypted to prevent theft, although actually stealing the chips would be tricky, bloody and painful for their owner.

Each chip, manufactured from glass, is 2mm x 12mm, and can hold up to 888 bites of programmable memory, the equivalent of about 26 condensed bitcoin private keys.

“I did it because I wanted to experiment with strong bitcoins using subdermal implants because that’s what I thought would be the Holy Grail of contactless payments,” he told the IBTimes.

But Mr Wismeijer found that the microchips could be used for a number of other things and can be read by smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Read more