eMarketer Report Says Success of New gTLDs Could Depend on Major Brands Promotion


eMarketereMarketer, a major market research firm, has released a new study on the introduction of new gTLDs and their chances for success. eMarketer releases over 200 analyst reports per year, which are only available to their corporate subscribers, but they did make some excerpts from this report – titled “The Domain Name Explosion: Hundreds of New Choices Beyond .com Mean New Marketing Considerations” –  available to all on their website.  Reports DNJournal


eMarketer, who has no skin in the game themselves, acknowledged that there are widely divergent views of the new gTLD program, noting, “What some view as a “blank canvas for innovation” to spur more creativity, diversity and trust on the internet, others see as costly, exploitative and bound to cause consumer confusion. Nonetheless, it continues to move forward, requiring all internet users to adapt.” Read more