Google Indonesia Attacked by Hacker on Idul Adha Holiday

Google Indonesia

Jakarta. The homepage of Google Indonesia,, was subjected to a hacker attack during the Idul Adha holiday on Sunday, 5 October 2014. It was stated that the attack was done by a group by the name ‘MadLeets’.

The news on the hacking of Google Indonesia has quickly spread over the social media and created a commotion in the Indonesian internet community. The Google Indonesia homepage did not appear normally for a brief period.

It is reported that the usually white background of the Google homepage had changed into a black colour. The page also had several sentences which were claimed to be written by the hacker.

One of the writings said “Security is just an illusion” whereas several other writings showed “Struck by 1337” and “Google Indonesia stamped by Team Madleets.”

According to report, the Google server was not scrutinized. The hackers only allegedly performed a ‘DNS Hijack’, by changing the domain name server from one that pointed to Google Indonesia to that pointed to the ‘black site’.

The DNS or Domain Name Server is a system that converted IP address to domain naming that can be more easily memorized. It is reported that the alteration to Google Indonesia homepage had only affected Telkom Speedy internet users. The Google Indonesia homepage was still appearing per normal when accessed using another internet provider.